Welcoming Mandy Persaki!

It is with great pride and a lot of enthusiasm that HEGREN FITNESS welcomes into our family the incredible and renowned for her academic prowess and instructional excellence in the Pilates field, Dr. Mandy Persaki.

A few words about Mandy

She is a Graduate of the University of Athens, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science with a major in Swimming. She holds a Master’s Degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens on the “Comparative evaluation on fitness parameters of women who exercise do Pilates in and out of the water”.

Dr. Persaki also holds a Doctorate degree which she obtained with honors from the Nursing Department of E.K.P.A. She specialized on the “effects of the Pilates method on cardiorespiratory functions, aerobic capacities and anaerobic strength in women on premenopausal stages”, making her the only Pilates professional with a PhD.

“Upon entering the University, I was given the opportunity to study and cultivate my knowledge in the field of alternative training methods such as Pilates, subsequently falling in love with it before realizing that this is a form of exercise that suits me.

“My philosophy relates with the idea that more than anything, people should be able to exercise safely by participating in programs that offer stability between physical training and spiritual balance”.


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Stay tuned and embark with us on a journey of knowledge and progress around the magical world of Pilates!